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GOSLING is a community of practice involving people from all sectors of the Canadian economy, including public, private, volunteer, and education.

This community began through informal meetings during the lead-up to the Canadian Government's first open source event: the "Open Source Solutions Showcase" held in May 2002 at Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). Attendees expressed interest in further gatherings to share updates and receive feedback on their respective efforts towards getting open source logic into governments.

As an open community of practice, GOSLING is an informal forum, not an organization. The forum doesn't have a leader, spokesperson, or a "contact" who can speak for the community as a whole. If you are interested in GOSLING, please join us in the discussion forums.

Joseph Potvin
As public sector co-coordinator throughout its first 10 years, Joseph participated in GOSLING as a private citizen. Nothing he expressed through the GOSLING community during that period can be taken to have represented the views of his employer, Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat, CIO Branch, or his previous employer, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Enterprise Architecture and Standards. In spring 2012 with GOOSE migration in full flight, Mr. Potvin returned to his career in the private sector: Contact him at: (substituting the AT for @).
Russell McOrmond
Russell is the private sector co-coordinator, and is proprietor of his own small business.

If you wish to contact other participants in GOSLING, you can meet us in the in-person gatherings or the online discussion forums.