GTEC 2003 Participation

GOSLING will be participating at this years GTEC week.
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How to Participate in the "OPEN SOURCE LAB" at GTEC Week
7-8 October 2003
Ottawa Congress Centre


Exhibition Booth Options: Noon, Thursday, 25 September 2003
Personnel and Brochure Display Options: End-of-Day, Friday, 3 October 2003
(Full details below.)


Leslie Johnston, GTEC 2003 Open Source Lab Coordinator
lesliej _AT_
613-731-9851 ext 13

Debbie Beimers, GTEC 2003 Programme Coordinator
debbie _AT_
613-731-9851 ext 12

Joseph Potvin, GTEC 2003 Open Source Lab Programme Advisor
joseph.potvin _AT_


GTEC WEEK is Canada's largest annual gathering of public sector technology professionals. The 2003 event features an "Open Source Lab" on the exhibition floor, focused on open source solutions and services available to government, or produced and offered by government.

Participation in the Open Source Lab is open to any organization offering services or solutions based on or certified "open source" or "free software" licenses. The primary focus of the Lab will be to create an interactive environment where GTEC visitors can "test drive" software and hardware based on free/libre open source technologies, speak to experts about both business and technical issues, and discuss the opportunities that come with including the open source business model in public and private sector operations. The scope can include training, market research, or legal services for open source projects. Additional suggestions are welcome.

For each hands-on demo, an effort is being made to pair open source supplier representatives with current or prospective government business users, so that visitors can discuss both technical and business interests. Please contact Joseph Potvin regarding Government of Canada participation.

The Open Source Lab has excellent exposure, located in a 30 ft X 30 ft section, right at the centre of the exhibition floor in the Ottawa Congress Centre (3rd level). The GTEC audience profile is summarized at the following URL:


The overall theme of the 2003 GTEC Open Source Lab is "Diversity". Though we take a "big tent" approach, space is limited. Therefore participants are encouraged to focus upon how the open source business model enables:

Related "sub-themes" can be proposed.


Like the open source professional communities it highlights, the 2003 GTEC Open Source Lab is designed to include organizations of all types, including global corporations, small and medium enterprise, non-profit communities, and individual volunteers. The Lab will "break even" financially, so that proceeds from fees will be put towards covering shared costs of the Open Source Lab, including expenses for participating non-revenue-based communities, and direct support from GTEC itself.

(a) Booth Space: $2980

Eight booths are available for rent by one or two organizations each. Space sharing agreements for joint rental of a single booth must be arranged by the tenants. Each equipped exhibition booth costs $2980 plus 7% GST. For more information, please contact Leslie Johnston lesliej AT 613-731-9851 ext 13. Additional information is at the following URL: A 100-word description of the booth exhibit for publicatin in the GTEC exhibition guide should be provided by end-of-day Friday 26 September to Debbie Beimers debbie _AT_ 613-731-9851 ext 12.

(b) Brochure Pockets for Rent: $100

Any organization or individual offering services related to or certified "open source software" or "free software" licenses can rent one or more brochure pockets for 8.5 X 11 inch brochures or leaflets, in several stands that will be prominently displayed in the Lab area. Each brochure pocket for the two days of the exhibition costs $100 plus 7% GST. Personnel staffing the Open Source Lab will direct visitors to the brochures, identifying individual solutions for them, and re-filling the pockets as required. Each brochure "tenant" is responsible to provide Lab staff with an adequate supply of brochures. (Brochures may contain policy commentary combined with info on solutions and services, but "political pamphleteering", per se, is not appropriate at this venue.) Brochures may include any media. NOTE: To guarantee delivery of your brochures directly to the Open Source Lab, GTEC has an agreement with "GES Logistics". Details will be provided with your registration. Packages should arrive by Sunday 6 October, addressed to: "GTEC Week - Booth 1610 'Open Source Lab', Ottawa Congress Centre, Third Level (Congress Hall), Ottawa, Canada".

(c) Face-to-Face Personnel: $100

Any organization or individual that has rented a brochure pocket can also place a marketing person within the Lab area to promote their solutions to visitors. A maximum of 15 individuals can be accommodated in this manner, and these places are available on a first-come/first-served basis. Placing a person within the Lab for the two days of the exhibition costs an additional $100 plus 7% GST. This arrangement does not include a booth, however stools will be available to relieve tired legs.


Reservations for booths should be made BEFORE NOON, THURSDAY, 25 SEPTEMBER 2003.

Reservations for brochure stands or face-to-face personnel should be made BEFORE END-OF-DAY FRIDAY, 3 OCTOBER 2003.

Leslie Johnston
lesliej _AT_
TL 613-731-9851 ext 13
FX 613-731-6480

Payment must be made in advance, preferably via credit card. Late reservations cannot be guaranteed. Placement of booths and location on brochure stands is on a first-come/first-served basis. A shared arrangement for a booth must be paid as a single reservation, managed by one of the partners. Special requirements, such as web access to a booth, must be made at by end-of-day, Friday 3 October, and may involve additional costs.